Friday, December 10, 2021

Week 11

This is just showing the direct interaction with the model. I will try to film another version of it in B1 with distant interaction tomorrow.

For this, as the spectator won't personally interact with the model i think placing it on the floor won't be too bad. E.g. i think it will lose its sense of scale through the webcamera.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Week 11

Model fitted into a corner would be super nice. It gives less surface area which means it can be more dense / detailed compared to a freestanding object. Ended up doing a wider one instead.

I've glued / welded together most of the object. Two gussets where too small so these need to be cut again on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I think the object won't be able to stand up on its own, so I will probably have to cut some support help it stand up.

Will update this post with the process more before Tuesday. How the gussets where made.

Used Pepakura to get the fold angle between each panel. Then used this data to create two different gussets in Fusion 360, one "mountain fold" and one "valley fold".

The gussets ended up being really small. It ended up this way as i put them close to the edge of each panel, also i thought if they where too big they would interfere with the rear projection. If i put them in the center instead they probably could've been more stable. I am not sure if its better to connect them in the middle of each part with one big gusset or closer to the edge with one on each side-

Monday, November 29, 2021

Week 10

I want the model to be as big as possible to "mirror" a human person, however I'm afraid it will be too flimsy. Because of the rear projection i can't really add any internal support either.

The thought behind this one was negative space connected to the human thermal boundary layer. With Schlieren photography you can visualise the fluid in the vicinity of objects, e.g. such as the heat coming off our bodies. When you approach the sensor the inner parts will light up.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Monday, November 15, 2021

Week 08

So I was thinking of doing an experiment about extending the human touch / transferring body heat as a way to connect people. Basically way of communicating real time that "I am thinking of you" in a more visual / caring way than what a text message can.

More clear sketch of the unwrapping idea.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Week 07

Location tracking with Syntheyes translated to laser cut path.

This is a video from NFT class. As most peoples movement is very linear in one direction i chose to track the dog's nose. The dog has a more unpredictable movement and it's moving its head a lot more. As the dog is not clear view at all times there is a lot of guessing involved in this tracking. This was tracked with after effects.

I think its possible to convert the tracking points into 3D space with Syntheyes. With this i could get a better estimate to how the points are actually moving / a top down view of the movement. This would better translated into 2D data.